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FACECARE solution gives intensive, fine line and wrinkle

reduction with facial skin firming.


It is a sterile, cosmetic, professional treatment solution.



Often an immediate skin firming effect.

It improves skin tone and increases tensile strength of the skin,

reducing facial sagging and the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Fights free radicals and oxidative stress.

Stimulates fibroblasts to restore normal function of the

intercellular matrix.

Skin soothing and healing due to anti-inflammatory effect.



Hyaluronic Acid CUBE 3®, DMAE, Mannitol, Organic Silanol,

Snap 8 and Leuphasyl peptides.


Hyaluronic Acid CUBE 3® offers enhanced efficacy compared to

regular hyaluronans and acts to restore normal function of the

intercellular matrix.


Combined with DMAE –“the instant face lift”, ingredient,

Organic Silanol – the regenerative mineral, and

Snap 8 and Leuphasyl peptides which relax

muscular expression  lines.