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BOTULOPEPTIDE is a professional treatment solution that targets

crow’s feet and deep wrinkles caused by muscular contraction.

These tend to perpetuate and worsen as our facial expressions

are natural and ongoing.



Although we want to lessen the facial lines, facial expression is not

something we really want to lose completely.

BOTULOPEPTIDE smooths the skin and reduces fine lines and

wrinkles caused by facial muscle contractions but gives a very

natural looking result.



A sterile solution including Snap8 and Leuphasyl.

Snap8 competes with natural proteins to be positioned in the SNARE

Complex, which is destabilised.

As a result, it reduces neuronal excitability and muscle contraction.

Leuphasyl, a new pentapeptide, mimics the natural path of enkephalins

and also acts on expression wrinkle formation.