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LIAISON® XL is a fully automated chemiluminescence analyzer, performing complete sample processing (sample pre-dilutions, sample and reagent dispensing, incubations, wash processes, etc.) as well as measurement and evaluation.


The innovative features of the system allow LIAISON® XL to improve efficiency in the immunoassay laboratories.


    Fully automated solution

    Quality of results

    Flexible configuration

    High efficiency


Assay technology


LIAISON® XL is a fully automated chemiluminescence analyzer, performing the complete sample processing. LIAISON® XL adopts a “Flash” chemiluminescence technology (CLIA) with paramagnetic microparticle solid phase. The same technology is also used on the LIAISON® analyzer offering a perfect compatibility between the systems.

Reagents Area


The reagents area is temperature controlled. The loading bay for reagents allows continuous loading of the LIAISON® XL system of Integrals or Ancillary reagent. For clarity, an LED below each lane indicates the relevant usage status. Up to 25 integrals and up to 4 ancillary reagents can be loaded at the same time. Integrals can be loaded directly in one of the 25 lanes according to the specifications of the LIAISON® XL, multiple of the same Integral can be present in the reagent area at the same time if needed.

Reagent Integrals are managed with a “Quick Release” feature and are released by the system as soon as the requested process is completed. Starter reagents, responsible for initiating the chemiluminescent reaction, are available on board in a dedicated area and continuosly monitored (lot number, quantity available) and allow continuous loading.