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About Us


AKCAN MEDIKAL was established in 1994 to operate in health and medical devices industry. Since 1994, AKCAN’s been advanced with the times and kept up with new developments and modern technology. We aim to provide quality products to our customers because we primarily care about human’s health before anything else.

Our company specilizes in the sales and marketing of medical devices, invitro diagnostic,  some products and instruments about medical aesthetic, cosmetic and acupuncture. Our high qualified and experienced team works so hard to meet the customers’ expectations. Regarding to that, we try to provide high-classed instruments and well service to our clients. Even after the sale. We ensure that our customers are satisfied and don’t have any complication. Our company completes the process of setup, overhaul, repair of devices cautiously and makes sure that there won’t be anything which would hinder our customers because we take our job seriously.

As AKCAN MEDIKAL, we aim to enhance the quality of our services with the help of developments focused on customers and their requests. Our company’s principles are following new technolocigal innovations and progresses, providing advanced, quality instruments and products to our customers, taking steps to improve customer satisfaction. That’s why, we came up to this point in 24 years. We guarantee that you wouldn’t regret to do buisness with us. For more information, please contact with us or take a look at our web site.