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The LabUMat 2  is a high throughput, automated urine chemistry analyzer that can evaluate 10 chemical parameters of LabStrip U11 Plus GL test strips and three physical parameters of urine samples. The UriSed 2 is an automated  urine sediment  analyzer providing whole field of view microscopic images of urine sediment and detecting 15 sediment particles using Urised Cuvettes. The efficiencies of the LabUMat 2 and the UriSed 2 are maximized when these instruments are used as one system.


Because both instruments are developed and manufactured by 77 Elektronika, they share a well-designed hardware and software interface. Together the instruments make up a Complete Urine Laboratory System. The results of both measurements are stored in a common database and provided on the same report. Because all the measurements necessary for urinalysis are completed in one process by this integrated system, combining the LabUMat 2 and UriSed 2 accelerates laboratory throughput and provides the most effective and reliable solution for complete and professional urine analysis.